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Dominic & Kathleen — Minted
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Dominic and Kathleen

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Our Story

Dominic and Kathleen first met in 2010 when they were both attending Virginia Tech and were a part of Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity. They were a few years apart so their time together was brief, and they mostly knew each other in passing at house parties hosted by Dominic.

Fast Forward 11 years to the wedding of mutual friends and fellow Virginia Tech grads when Dominic and Kathleen had the chance to meet again. What sparked their conversation was the watch adorned on Dominic’s right hand, and their shared interest in watches. Separated by the distance between Ohio and Virginia, they continued to get to know each other through their time playing Stardew Valley together (yes, they’re both a bit nerdy). The conversations ranged from their favorite books, bucket list travel destinations, and even their favorite types of pumps… Positive displacement pumps to be exact. But hey, what do you expect from Chemical Engineers who both work in a manufacturing environment?

Dominic and Kathleen’s timeline truly began in Fall 2021, when a group of friends decided to visit Dominic in Ohio for Halloween at Cedar Point. What followed was a lot of back and forth traveling as Kathleen and Dominic were living apart. However, Dominic didn’t mind as he loves traveling and collecting points from Delta (oh, and seeing Kathleen was nice as well).

Over the years together, Dominic and Kathleen have traveled around the world together (literally). Their adventures have taken them from hiking and camping through the Appalachian Trails; to exploring Poland during Easter; to enjoying the beautiful sceneries in Hawaii; and spending time with their families for Christmas and New Years in England and Taiwan. It was during this trip that Dominc and Kathleen decided that they would like to be adventure partners for life.

Over the following year, Dominic and Kathleen have moved to Maryland where they have been living together with their dog Alfred and cats Bear and Loki.